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As a leading bird control experts in the city, we offer environment & budget friendly bird control services to our clients on their premises like buildings, societies, shops, residences and complexes. Our safe and highly effective services completely stop birds like pigeons for landing and nesting in your premises without creating any harm to the birds. We are Mumbai based company which offers effective bird netting services to prevent birds from entering client’s premises no matter residential or commercials.

Nowadays birds like pigeons are creating major irritations to many housing societies and commercial complexes in the working cities. They easily create their nest in any areas of buildings like windows, pipes and many open places in the premises. These pigeons not only create environmental but many health related issues also. Pigeon droppings can spread diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. So as per the requirement of our clients we perform highly effective pigeon control services program to the infected societies and premises.

Why Pigeons numbers have increased?

Feral pigeon flocks have increased in numbers and dominate the urban landscape, agriculture and country towns due to the availability of:

  • Food
  • Fresh water
  • Secure breeding sites.

As a result, there has been an increase in feral pigeon numbers in many areas of Western Australia.

Action needs to be taken to help rectify the feral pigeon problem before the problem escalates.

Installation of Pigeon spikes

Pigeon spikes are considered to be the most efficient and the most cost-effective pigeon exclusion device available within the pest control marketplace. Most independent experts believe that pigeon spikes are the only that can be considered to be 100% effective. Pigeon spikes are renowned for their versatility in terms of application, longevity and the ease of installation, making them the best-selling. Probably their greatest benefit to the property owner is the fact that the product is not only extremely quick and easy to install.


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