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Pest Control Borivali specializes in rodent removal and exclusion services. We provide fast, affordable and reliable rodent control solutions to residential and commercial clients. We understand the undue stress of dealing with rats, mice and other rodents; that`s why protecting your home or business from rodents is our top priority!

They also infest offices, canteens, false ceilings etc. Basically, they live indoors. Rats are very suspicious. That is why they cannot be easily controlled by just putting any poison available in the market. Even if some Rats eat the poison and die, the remaining learn a lesson and stay away from the poison. This nature of Rats is called 'Bait shyness'. To eliminate all the rats, we therefore use a different type of poison - an anti coagulant. It is mixed with a bait material which is very attractive to rats.

It is more effective because rats do not die immediately. They die only after about four days. They therefore do not become bait-shy and the entire population of rats starts eating the bait. And after about 8 days, all the Rats die.


Rats can also be controlled using traps. There are different kinds of traps

Advantages: There is no chance of a Rat dying in an inaccessible place from where it cannot be easily removed.

Disadvantages: It is very difficult to trap the entire population of rats. If some Rats are caught, the remaining learn a lesson and stay away from the traps. This habit is called trap- shyness.

Glue Traps are used for trapping. The possibility of trapping a rat on a glue trap is higher because it does not rely on bait to attract rats. Rats are caught just by passing along their runways, which is their routine every night, step on the glue and get stuck.

Field Rats:

Field rats stay in burrows in the ground. They are poor climbers and cannot climb with the help of the pipes to upper floors. They are controlled by fumigation of their burrows. The rats die and remain buried in the ground, without any problem of unpleasant odour and disposal of dead bodies.

How Does Anti-Coagulant Work?

Anti-coagulant destroys Vitamin K in the body. This leads to internal hemorrhage and the rats die soon thereafter. This is safe for use as it is not harmful for humans and other mammals.


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